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I wanted to write to you and thank you for your help with my move. I had been searching for a way to get my furniture from New York to Florida as painlessly as possible. Your company’s ad on the internet caught my eye. It was an answer to our prayers. Coast-to-Coast covered all the areas of the move I didn’t want to do. I was impressed by the prices and service greatly. It was over 30% cheaper than U-Haul. I also appreciate the close contact I was able to keep with you. Moving is so tedious anyway. The tracking 800# was a blessing also. I was able to follow my furniture across the country. The trucking group you worked through went above and beyond to help me as well. That shows the respect they have for your leadership.

If asked, I would recommend your company in a heart beat. There was more than enough confidence on my part that you would take care of my shipment. That confidence was found through your efforts to comfort me and inform me.

I wish your company all the success it deserves. Let me know if I can do anything else for you. Thank you again.


Cara S.
Jacksonville, FL


This has certainly been the most eventful moving experience I've ever had; but then, this is the first time I've moved a family of five across the country. After checking out prices of several types of moving services, we found your package price to be the most economical.

We had no trouble with the truck, it arrived as planned on every occasion (we even made mistakes by not calling in on time for both the full load pick up and the full load delivery).

All in all, we were very satisfied with the quality service you provided. You were always helpful and informative. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you,

Phyliss W.
Coral Springs Florida


We are in the military so we move often. We tried the full service route, but ended up with things missing and damaged. We tried the U-Haul route but then our family ended up in 2 vehicles driving across the country which we did not like, and we tried a self service move with a big trucking company but it was too impersonal, they treated us like a number and were slow to answer our questions. Then we found Coast-to-Coast, your staff was friendly, courteous, and available when we needed. We will definitely use Coast-to-Coast again and we are telling all of our friends about your company. Thank you for the help moving!

Name withheld by request of customer


My cross-country move is now complete. I have moved 11 times in as many years and have tried many different methods, including rental trucks and just giving away everything that would not fit in the back of my own small truck. Coast-to-Coast was far and away the easiest, and short of giving away all my belonging the cheapest. I was impressed with your professionalism and will highly recommend Coast-to-Coast.


Mark Milligan
Salt Lake City, UT


Thanks again for all your help in moving my stuff to central Florida from Pennsylvania. Your expenses were much cheaper than other methods (especially since my parents footed the bill). The move was very convenient compared with those other 'move yourself' methods. And it was much less expensive than any professional movers. I found that I enjoyed moving all my own belongings, and now I know where EVERYTHING is! I also have everything organized as I organized it and I have fewer boxes than I might with some moving organization.

I moved in Mid-March and found things very simple.……….It all worked out for the best, though and I did experience one of the best moves of the last ten years, and that's saying something!

Thanks again for everything!


Christopher Anderson
Auburndale Florida


When I first found out about CTC Vanlines, I was a little reluctant to do business with a company that I had known only through the Internet. I took my precautions and checked you out with the Better Business Bureau and with the local phone company. Everything checked out all right. I would recommend to anyone to take advantage of the great service that you offer. You came through on all your promises. I was able to track the location of my goods all the way from Florida to Missouri. Would I move with you guys again? You bet, in a heartbeat!

Thanks for a good move,

Luis J. Ramos
Lees Summit Missouri


I moved from New York to Idaho in the beginning of June. I am just getting settled in our new home and would like to finally say "Thank You" for the wonderful service you and your company gave me. You did a superb job. The trailer was there when specified and all of our belongings got there in one piece. Nothing was damaged at all. Again thank you.

Now for new business. Since I have moved back West, my great Aunt who lives in Buffalo, New York has also decided to move back here. She wants to be here by the beginning of September. She lives in a one bedroom apartment. I am giving her your name and number. She will be giving you a call at the beginning of the week to give you all the specifics.

Thank you again for your wonderful service,

Libby E.
Rochester Mills PA


This is to let you know how everything went.....Overall, things worked out well. My decision to move was somewhat last-minute and I got pretty stressed trying to figure out how in the world to do it. I found Coast-to-Coast online.... and, being a poor college student, it was the most affordable way for me to get from Chicago to Massachusetts. The rates and dimensions were easy to understand and I appreciated the all-inclusive information that was e-mailed to me when I first contacted you.

The truck driver in Chicago was totally helpful, and he arrived on time which was crucial because my friends could only stay to help for an hour.

I would use Coast-to-Coast again, and I would recommend it to a friend.

Ashley W.


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